Artemis FAQ’s

Artemis…. What is Artemis

Artemis is a multi computer Bridge Simulator that is not only fun, but helps build teamwork. There are 5 stations plus the Captain. The 5 stations are: Helm, Engineering, Science, Communications, Tatical/Weapons. The objective of the game is to complete your mission and defeat the enemy ships with out getting yourself destroyed.

We have several different mods that we can run with the game to enhance the expierence and make it more personal and to fit your needs. We have run Artemis for the past few years, and have taken it and have run it at several Conventions including CONduit and most recently (as of September 2013) Salt Lake Comic Con.


Q: Can I rent/book Artemis for a private event?

A: Yes, we are in the process of setting up several packages that you can choose from that will include different options for the game. Once we are ready we will be putting a booking/reservation system online.

Q: Did you write the software

A: No, Artemis is written by Thom Robertson and is being actively developed by him. see

Q: Is there a way that we can contact you for questions regarding Artemis?

A: Yes, you may email us at