Greetings from the USS White Buffalo, The USS White Buffalo is on patrol in Tooele county. Our goal is to get together as Friends and Family who love Star Trek and Have Fun. Our crew is made up of members of all ages and interests. We encourage you to join us for a tour of duty of FUN!!! Welcome Aboard!
Here are some Answers that may answer any Questions you may have about us.
1. What is the USS White Buffalo?
The USS White Buffalo is a club for all fans of the Star Trek television series, This includes fans of The Original Series, The Animated Series, The Movies, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise and more. Our Purpose is to allow you to make friends with a common interest.
2. How can I join your club?
Membership is open to any person interested in the purposes and objectives of this ship without regard to race, creed, color, sex, any disability or lifestyle. In short it’s an excuse to get together with fellow Star Trek fans and enjoy fun and rewarding activities. To join simply fill out a membership application, attend two of our monthly activities, and meet the command staff. Once your application is accepted you will receive your orders.
3. Where and when are the meetings held?
The Location Varies, but you can find all Details located here on our Events Page.
4. What do you do at the meetings?
Meetings vary in a Wide Assortment. We start with Ship Business, then move on to the Activity. This could be either board games, watching movies, playing computer games against eachother, doing Service for someone in the Community.
5. Are there any membership dues?
The USS White Buffalo is a FREE Star Trek fan club. Likewise there are no national dues to join our parent organization, Starfleet Command’ s Seventh Fleet. We figured that there is already too much to pay for when you are a fan of Star Trek. This also eliminates any pressure to “Get your moneys worth” out of the club. Just come and have fun. We have the policy of “pay your own way”. This means that if we go to an activity that requires an admission fee or any type of rental equipment. You will pay for yourself.
6. Do I have to join a department?
As a member of the USS White Buffalo, the level of your involvement is totally at your discretion. We do encourage you to select a department so that you will have an immediate contact if you have questions and so that there is someone assigned to keep in touch with you and let you know about ship events outside the meetings. Departments have primary and secondary duties that help run the ship. You may find a certain department ‘s primary function to be an item that you are interested in, these are listed on the membership application. Some departments also sponsor their own activities but any member is welcome to participate in any and all ship or department events. These duties are subject to change without prior notice.
7. What are the Primary Departmental Duties?
Each department has a primary duty to enhance the club and help it grow. The department chief will coordinate these duties and activities. Volunteer participation will help you earn points towards rank advancement.
Communication Department – Newspaper Archives. Collecting newspaper and magazine articles dealing with Star Trek and placing them in a scrapbook.
Conn (Flight Control) Department – Fan Club Archives. Keeping track of the newsletters that we trade with other clubs
Engineering Department – Club Merchandising. Organizing the production of club t-shirts, badges, and other paraphernalia.
Medical Department – Birthdays, Anniversaries & Other Events. Keeping track of crew birthdays and other special crew dates.
Operations Department – Organizing Computer Operations on the ship. Ship’s web page, email lists etc.
Science Department – Ship’s Archive. Coordinating the USS White Buffalo scrapbook of past events.
Security Department – Photo Archives. Taking photos at various club activities and keeping them in a club photo album.
Tactical Department – Games & Intership Competition. Keep the crew informed about Star Trek related games and organize competitions vs. other Special Interests Groups.
8. Where does the USS White Buffalo fit in the Star Trek universe?
The USS White Buffalo is an Aerie Class Starship just like the Raven found on Star Trek Voyager. We serve in the same Star Trek time line as the Enterprise-E currently being explored in Star Trek Online).
9. I want to be a Lieutenant, Captain, Admiral, Department Chief, etc. What do I have to do?
All new members of the USS White Buffalo, after completing the membership requirements, are assigned a rank of Crewman. To become an officer you must take the Academy Exam (Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager or Enterprise) and earn Promotional Merit Points (PMP) in four categories. These four categories are:
Participation – coming to activities and other ways of having fun,
Service – helping out the Community and the ship,
Knowledge – learning about Star Trek and the World around us, and
Leadership – helping others have fun.
The USS White Buffalo follows the standard Seventh Fleet rank structure as defined on the Official Seventh Fleet Website. Starfleet Command ‘s Seventh Fleet must grant ranks of Captain and above. Besides the points officers have other rank requirements as well. For more information on the other requirements contact your Department Chief or a member of the Command Staff. The Command Staff assigns department chiefs. They will look at candidates based upon past history within the club.
10. OK, all this sounds pretty good but what is the best reason for joining?
Friends. Members of the USS White Buffalo all share a love of Star Trek and science fiction. This common bond makes for the very best of friendships. The USS White Buffalo crew is well known for their sense of sticking together and looking out for one another. We play together, help our community be a better place and in so doing, forge friendships that will last a lifetime.
11. Do you have any other interests besides Star Trek?
Star Trek is the main item of common interest that brings us together, however in the spirit of IDIC you will discover that a lot of us are fans of Comics, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Battlestar Galactica, Anime, Stargate, and many more as well.