Chief Medical / Science Officer Ensign Tatiana Schneider
Assistant Chief (Position Available)
Science Duties
Keep the ship apprised of all Star Trek news.
Maintain an archive of Star Trek Information.
Maintain the Ship’s Library.
Maintain a detailed record of all Star Trek Actors.
(Regardless of cannon. Trek episodes and movies they were in,
other shows they were in, birthdates, convention appearances. Etc.)
The Senior Staff consist of the Command Staff and all Department Leaders.
All Department Leaders
Provide a Monthly Department Report to the Command Staff
Attend each monthly Senior Officer’s Meeting.
Attend each monthly Ship Planning Meeting.
Attend each monthly Ship Activity.
Maintain Communications with all crew members within your department on a monthly time-frame.
Assure all department members are aware of monthly activities.
Provide the Basic Training program to all new members of your department within a timely manner.
Support the CO’s decisions and policies in the face of the crew.
Assign a Department Assistant.
Department Assistants are not considered Senior Staff but can attend the Senior Staff meeting
if directed to do so by their Department Leader.
All Department Assistants
Carry out duties as assigned by their Department Leader.
Attend Senior Officer Meetings if the Department Leader is unavailable.
Support the decisions and policies of the Department Leader in the face of the Department Members.
Represent the welfare of the Department Members if the face of the Department Leader.
Crew Responsibilities
Support the decisions of the Command Staff and assigned Department Chief.
Accept assignments and work to make the USS White Buffalo a success.
Share any talents and abilities with the USS White Buffalo.
Adhere to Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet Code of Conduct.
Attend each monthly Ship Planning Meeting.
Attend each monthly Ship Activity