Secrets & Lies

Secrets & Lies
Unraveling the mysteries behind the U.S.S. White Buffalo

The U.S.S. White Buffalo, a Starfleet Covert Ops vessel, has been apart of nearly 240 Missions.
That’s 1 Mission a week for 5 years, yet we have only heard of one mission a year.
What was the White Buffalo doing during the rest of the years?
Well to answer that we have hidden a reporter on the White Buffalo crew
to try to dig up as much information as possible,
and what she has come up with are pretty standard.
Almost all of the White Buffalo’s Classified missions can actually be found under the code name of Artemis
Advanced Retrieval Tactical Engagement Mission Intelligence Simulator
The White Buffalo spends most of their time in war game simulations
to help Starfleet in identifying weaknesses from within.
Quite a few missions still have yet to make it into their mission database,
however we feel that their is still something missing.
Even in the 5 missions we have heard about
we haven’t seen reports on what the rest of the crew were doing.
What were the rest of the almost 32 crew doing during the once classified missions?
We strive to find the truth through the Hidden Signals.
And who are we? Wouldn’t you like to know?