Stardate System:

The Seventh Fleet has developed a simple method of creating fictional stardates.  Using stardates helps us keep the spirit of the 24th Century alive in our documentation.
It doesn’t directly translate the stardates used on the show (aka it is not cannon).
It only works with The Next GenerationDeep Space Nine and Voyager.  But it can be used to accurately convert a Gregorian calendar date into a ‘stardate’.
The Seventh Fleet method of calculating stardates is as follows: The year runs from September to August. September was chosen because that is when the new season of Star Trek would start.  Taking the lead from The Next Generation the ‘year’ is represented by the first two numbers.  The third and fourth numbers represent the month with the last two numbers (separated by a “.”) represent the day of the month. Thus April 1, 2011 is Stardate: 64040.1.
The following list breaks down recent years and what stardate they would begin with
67xxx.x =Sept 13-Aug 14
66xxx.x =Sept 12-Aug 13
65xxx.x =Sept 11-Aug 12
64xxx.x =Sept 10-Aug 11
63xxx.x =Sept 09-Aug 10
62xxx.x =Sept 08-Aug 09
61xxx.x =Sept 07-Aug 08
60xxx.x =Sept 06-Aug 07
59xxx.x =Sept 05-Aug 06
58xxx.x =Sept 04-Aug 05
57xxx.x =Sept 03-Aug 04
56xxx.x =Sept 02-Aug 03
55xxx.x =Sept 01-Aug 02
54xxx.x =Sept 00-Aug 01 (Seventh Season of Voyager)
53xxx.x =Sept 99-Aug 00 (Sixth Season of Voyager)
52xxx.x =Sept 98-Aug 99 (Seventh Season of DS9/Fifth Season of Voyager)
51xxx.x =Sept 97-Aug 98 (Sixth Season of DS9/Fourth Season of Voyager)
50xxx.x =Sept 96-Aug 97 (Fifth Season of DS9/Third Season of Voyager)
49xxx.x =Sept 95-Aug 96 (Fourth Season of DS9/Second Season of Voyager)
48xxx.x =Sept 94-Aug 95 (Third Season of DS9/First Season of Voyager)
47xxx.x =Sept 93-Aug 94 (Seventh Season of TNG/Second Season of DS9)
46xxx.x =Sept 92-Aug 93 (Sixth Season of TNG/First Season of DS9)
45xxx.x =Sept 91-Aug 92 (Fifth Season of TNG)
44xxx.x =Sept 90-Aug 91 (Fourth Season of TNG)
43xxx.x =Sept 89-Aug 90 (Third Season of TNG)
42xxx.x =Sept 88-Aug 89 (Second Season of TNG)
41xxx.x =Sept 87-Aug 88 (First season of TNG)
40xxx.x =Sept 86-Aug 87
39xxx.x =Sept 85-Aug 86
38xxx.x =Sept 84-Aug 85
37xxx.x =Sept 83-Aug 84
36xxx.x =Sept 82-Aug 83
35xxx.x =Sept 81-Aug 82
34xxx.x =Sept 80-Aug 81
33xxx.x =Sept 79-Aug 80
32xxx.x =Sept 78-Aug 79
31xxx.x =Sept 77-Aug 78
30xxx.x =Sept 76-Aug 77
29xxx.x =Sept 75-Aug 76
28xxx.x =Sept 74-Aug 75
27xxx.x =Sept 73-Aug 74
26xxx.x =Sept 72-Aug 73
25xxx.x =Sept 71-Aug 72
24xxx.x =Sept 70-Aug 71
23xxx.x =Sept 69-Aug 70
22xxx.x =Sept 68-Aug 69
21xxx.x =Sept 67-Aug 68
20xxx.x =Sept 66-Aug 67
19xxx.x =Sept 65-Aug 66
18xxx.x =Sept 64-Aug 65
17xxx.x =Sept 63-Aug 64
16xxx.x =Sept 62-Aug 63
15xxx.x =Sept 61-Aug 62
14xxx.x =Sept 60-Aug 61
13xxx.x =Sept 59-Aug 60
12xxx.x =Sept 58-Aug 59
11xxx.x =Sept 57-Aug 58
10xxx.x =Sept 56-Aug 57
09xxx.x = Sept 55-Aug 56
08xxx.x = Sept 54-Aug 55
07xxx.x = Sept 53-Aug 54
06xxx.x = Sept 52-Aug 53
05xxx.x = Sept 51-Aug 52
04xxx.x = Sept 50-Aug 51
03xxx.x = Sept 49-Aug 50
02xxx.x = Sept 48-Aug 49
01xxx.x = Sept 47-Aug 48